Cheesy puffs

Cheesy Triangles/Puffs:

  • 400-500g ricotta (I get the low fat stuff from the supermarket deli) 2 cups of cheese for mix 1 cup for sprinkling on top (I use devondale tasty / lite n tasty)
  • 1-2 blocks (140-250g) of fetta (any will do but the danish fetta is the creamiest)
  • 10 pack of borgs reduced fat puff pastry (any puff pastry will do though)


  1. Preheat over to 180 and leave the pastry out to thaw. Mix all the cheeses together (you can also add spinach as well – a 250g block from the freezer section of the supermarket thawed and then squeeze out the juice before you add it to the mix) and shape them in to little balls (about a big teaspoon of mix (10 – 20cents coin but in a ball).
  2. Cut the pastry into squares (I cut into 9 squares for one sheet) place a ball of mixture in the square and fold into triangle (so fold in half diagonally) and press together the edges of the triangle. Place on baking paper on baking tray and sprinkle with cheese.
  3. Put it in the over for around 15mins (until they are golden)