Camping Solar Panel Kit


Phone requires at least 7w panel. The higher the wattage, the faster it’ll charge.

Goal Zero – Guide 10 ($149)

Goal Zero – Nomad 7 ($61-70)

InstaPark Mercury 10 is said to be better than this.

Charges phones (poorly)
Output: 2.5w, 0.5amp

Goal Zero – Nomad 13 ($108-160)

Charges phone, laptop, tablet, with cig lighter adapter
Power output: 13w, 1.0amp

PowerTraveller SolarGorilla ($176-$226)


Charges phones, tablets, laptops
Output: 10w, 0.5amp

SolarMonkey – Adventurer ($117-130)

Charges phones, tablets.
Power output: 3.5w, 0.7amp

Instapark Mercury 10 ($75)

Rated as very good – best buy. << Looks like a winner!
Need to also get a battery pack included with the purchase though.

Charges phone, tablet. Not laptop.
Power output: 10w, 0.57amp

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