CASA CPL Exams – Aircraft General Knowledge (AGK)

Sample questions;

  1. Why must you minimize the time used to check the pitot heater?
    1. To minimize the drain on the battery
    2. So as not to impare the working life of the heating element
  2. Once airbourne, pitot heat should be switched on;
    1. Well before you enter known icing conditions
    2. On entering known icing conditions and left on
  3. If static lines fully block, the altimeter will display the level of the blockage?
  4. A/C lands at AD (elevation 1750′) with ALT subscale set to AREA QNH 1020 hPa. AD QNH at the time is 1025hPa. In this case, what will the ALT display in feet?
  5. On a climb at a constant IAS, does air leaves both casing & capsule at the same rate?
  6. An A/C’s sole static source is fully blocked whilst on a climb. If the A/C settles down to CRZ in an area of MOD to SEV turbulence at the published turbulence penetration speed then;
    1. The airframe could be overstressed
    2. There should be no risk of overstressing the airframe
  7. Where globally will a magnetic compass function best?
  8. What purpose does the compas deviation card serve?


  1. B – Heating element gets very hot in still air conditions
  2. 2

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