Naan Bread Recipe

Naan Recipe

Kg of Lighthouse Bread and Pizzza flour
Some salt.
Plain Yoghurt (Greek or some other container set, must not be flavoured and not sweet)
Olive Oil
Full cream milk
Yeast sachet, teaspoon of sugar
Some plain flour, to throw down on surfaces.


  1. Take about 300ml of milk, warm it up, if you can’t keep your little finger in it then it is too hot. Mix about a teaspoon of sugar and a sachet of yeast into the milk, then let it sit for about 10 minutes while you do the following.
  2. Sieve flour into suitably sized container, remember it will rise about 2x its current size.
    By hand as if making pastry about 200g of the yoghurt and a table spoon of olive oil
  3. Add the milk and start mixing it in by hand, you will need to add more milk in order to form a dough.
    Be careful adding the milk, do not over do it, you should be able to form it up into a ball that is not overly wet.
    Tip this dough out onto a flat surface and start kneading, as you knead the dough it will become more and more elastic, use the throw flour to stop things from sticking.
  4. After you have kneaded the dough, put it back into the container to rise, I suggest floating the container in a sink full of warm water for 45 minutes to an hour.. It should rise to about twice its size.
  5. Once risen tip the dough out and cut and roll out your naan with a rolling pin and using a very hot fry pan, fry them up.. It takes a little practise but the dough will start to puff up and then you can flip it.The trick is to cook it through without burning it, how well this works depends the heat of the pan and the thickness of dough when rolled out.

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